This is not a “how to” blog. It’s a more a “how I did it” reflection on things that worked for me, along with things that didn’t. I think the reason I became a writer was because I like the reworking bit. It has to be much easier than being a painter or a sculptor. Someone will always find that figure you’ve painted over in your water colour or the join in your marble bust where your chisel’s slipped. Whereas the writer can just edit out the things that don’t work and then put them back in when they change their mind, and nobody will ever know, except maybe another writer!

Ann Monks has written for radio, television, stage and film. Her short stories have been published in the UK, Scandinavia, South Africa and Australia and her e-book anthology of short stories, “Life, Love and Holidays” is available on Amazon”. She also teaches English and Creative Writing. She lives in the Northwest of England, likes people, gardening, cats and anything in the cake department.

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